Wireless Music Transmission using Laser LED

In this small and easy project we will transmit music wirelessly using LASER LED. Ever transmitted audio using Li-Fi (Light Fidelity)? Nope. Let’s do it.
To transmit music / audio wirelessly we need a transmitter (which is a LASER LED), and a receiver which is a 4V SOLAR Panel (commonly available). Between the transmitter and the LASER LED, as you guessed it right, a powerful LASER beam that would carry the music or the sound/audio!

Wireless Music Transmission - Lifi - Thumbnail

Wireless Music Transmission - Li-Fi (Thumbnail)

650nm 6mm 5V DC 5mW Mini Laser Dot Diode is perfect for this project. You can adjust the flare to the maximum of the LASER LED through the focus adjuster provided on the LASER LED.

Just wire the transmitter as shown in the Practical Circuit Diagram. 27Ohm Current limiting resistor is a must. Rest of the circuit is very simple.

Lifi - Transmitter and Receiver

Li-Fi - Transmitter and Receiver

Using this project is pretty simple, just plug the jack of the Li-Fi Transmitter to the mobile and it will automatically turn on. The audio is modulated through the LASER Light and transmitted towards the receiver (solar panel). I have tested this circuit and found it to be working up to 100meters without any noise.

Let’s start the music and plug in the jack, modulation level is maximal, let’s go for the transmission! Here is what we can see even 100 meters away! The LASER is very bright even with the sun. Good job, we can see a red dot or flare on the wall where we’ll put solar panel. Solar panel is directly linked to your amplifier or speaker via a 104 capacitor. All is ready, let’s start the emitting… And it works!

The receiver is composed of a 4Volt solar panel (that converts the light modulation into voltage and is fed to the speaker AUX in (do not use 6V solar panel or higher). If you decide to use 6V or higher voltage solar panel, use a voltage divider to bring it to a reasonable level suitable for the amplifier circuit. It is very important to filter the DC voltage received from the solar panel by putting a small 104 capacitor in series with the solar panel's cable, before you feed it into a speaker or another amplifier.

Wireless Music Transmission Circuit

Wireless Music Transmission Circuit


  • 27 Ohm Resistor (Current Limiting Resistor)
  • Stereo Jack x 2
  • 104 Capacitor
  • 3.7 Volts Lithium Ion Battery
  • 6 inch PVC pipe
  • 4 Volts Solar Panel

COST : Rs.30


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