My Electronic Projects (Arduino Projects)

These are some of my electronic projects (some are Arduino based microprocessor projects) that I have prepared as a time pass hobby  - am learning 'C' and 'C++' from a professional and also thinking about learning Java Scripts and PHP for developing websites. I am not a great fan of pathetic 'Python' language at present - I think it's too simple and meant for kids. Jokes apart - frankly I have no inclination towards Python presently - there are many other things to learn. I am presently learning programming algorithms and syntax of C, C++, Java Scripts and PHP. Also, studying and practicing debugging techniques on WordPress Platform. I am also familiarizing myself with handling back-end cPanel. Wish me luck guys.

Multi-functional Remote Operated Home Automation Using Arduino

Replace TRIMPOT with regular Potentiometer on a Buck Converter

Arduino Uno Smart Car Class 7 Project

Electromagnet Project for Class 6

Simple Dancing Robot : Class 6 Project

Class 7 Project Unique Board Game

Project using Arduino Uno – Ultrasonic Intruder Alarm

Automatic Staircase Light using Arduino UNO