Ever wondered why the atmosphere at a hill station feels far fresh than any of our modern cities. The answer to this simple question is equally simple; the air at a hill station is free from pollutants and harmful chemicals like smoke and gases.

POLLUTION BUSTER is a MUST HAVE gadget for every home in the polluted cities like Delhi, Kolkatta, Mumbai. Let us discuss as how it will help fight pollution.

Pollution Buster - Air Ionizer

Pollution Buster - Air Ionizer


POLLUTION BUSTER (or Air Ionizer/ Air Purifier) is an electronic circuit designed for generating voltage at the level of kilo-volts for inducing Ionizing Effects.

The high voltage generated by this Ionizer is tuned to generate a negative voltage of minus 7kV+. This high negative voltage is allowed to get terminated over an open ended sharp conductor tip (which is a stainless steel needle at the end of the capacitor series in the circuit).

As the very high negative voltage reaches at the sharp end point of the stainless steel needle, it tends to continue its forward motion and gets released into the air in the form of negatively charged ions!!

As these negatively charged ions becomes free to move around and start getting dispersed across the room, as more and more ions are released from Pollution Buster (Air Ionizer).

These negatively charged ions roam freely in the air of a room and tends to collide with the already present pollutants in the air like dust particles, smoke, gas particles.

Most of the pollutants in the air are inherently positively charged, so what happens, the negatively charged ions start attracting these pollutants from the air towards themselves (as the opposites attract), just like a magnet.

The pollutants in the air slowly find themselves pulled and firmly stuck over these ions until each of the ions become so much pollutant laden and heavy that they start crashing on the ground or if they find a wall nearby they start gathering on it.

In this way the air in the course of time becomes absolutely clean and free from all impurities. I have tested this ‘Pollution Buster’ on various room sizes.


This circuit is designed to cater and purify the air of a 10feet x 10feet room. It takes approximately 5-6hours to clean the complete air of a room – you will begin to feel fresh as the hours goes by.

Area Covered by Pollution Buster (Air Ionizer)

Area Covered by Pollution Buster (Air Ionizer)


Just don't place the unit near a light colored wall, ceiling or piece of furniture, the negative ions attach themselves to particles that are then attracted to the nearest ground object discoloring them noticeable over a few weeks. That discoloring may not be easily removed, meaning repainting of the object wall or ceiling.


The circuit is built over a general purpose printed circuit board (PCB), by soldering 30 Capacitors and Diodes exactly in the way they are arranged in the diagram shown here. I have come to know that it can be built even without any PCB… but, that’s another story.



Once you have soldered and assembled the entire circuit on the PCB, check very carefully the entire board for any wrong connections (only diode polarity might confuse you at some point).  This is very important because the circuit is very critical with its polarities, a single wrongly connected diode would make the result a BIG ZERO!

Flux from the solder board should be cleaned with the thinner very carefully as it might cause loss of voltage and reduced desired effects.

Series of capacitors are terminated with a stainless steel needle… it is very important for releasing and propagation of the negatively charged ions in the air.

Now you can power on the unit! Good Luck!


Be extremely careful, as the entire circuit is connected directly to the 220Volts AC mains and can be life threatening if touched in the powered state. So avoid making this circuit if you are not sure!


If you have done everything according to the circuit diagram given by me, you should hear a “HISSING” sound near the TIP of the Stainless Steel Needle. The air near the TIP of the stainless steel pin would give you a cooler sensation like Cool Breeze from Swiss Alps flowing out. It means that circuit is working perfectly. Now prepare yourself to breath a long lost fresh air (particularly if you are living a polluted city). It is one step forward to a healthy life.

Another way to test the working of your circuit is to use the probes of your multimeter. Just select continuity tester on your multimeter and connect one lead with the EARTH and other should be brought near the tip of the Stainless Steel Needle – IT SHOULD PRODUCE HIGH VOLTAGE ARC. Please see the video to know more.


I am giving you a supplementary circuit here that I am using to test the number of negatively charged IONS generated by the Pollution Buster in my room. It works great.

Ion Tester Circuit

Ion Tester Circuit


  • Capacitors 0.1uf 630Volt x 30
  • Diodes 1N4007 x 30
  • Resistors 2Meg x 4
  • Resistor 1Meg x 1
  • LED x 1
  • Stainless Steel Long Needle
  • General Purpose PCB
  • SPST Switch
  • Power Cord
  • A cabinet box (I used a little Tiffin Box)
  • A Multimeter to test the Ionization Electric Arc

Cost of Pollution Buster Circuit: INR 310/-


  • Transistor 2N3819 x 1
  • Resistor 2.2K x 1
  • Potentiometer 4.7K
  • A Micro-Amp Meter (Zero Center Meter)
  • 9Volt Battery
  • General Purpose PCB
  • Small plastic box as cabinet

Cost of Negative Ion Tester: INR 120/-


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  1. Aman Sharma


    An old circuit nicely defined and descriptive to core. Keep up the good work. I made it in 1998 and good to see such a circuit by the newer generation too. It works well.

  2. Sharad Bansal


    Same purpose item available in market has been used in latest kitchen chimney or domestic air-conditioners..
    What is approximately cost ..!!

  3. Rajesh Mankotia


    This is one of the best explained ciruit i have ever come across. Thank you also how safe is it to use.

    • Reply

      Thank you for the words of appreciations. It is very safe to use, provided you take all the precautions when handling the high voltage area.
      Please ask your parents to be with you if you are minor.

      Thank you.

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