Quick HAS6DW Rework Station Review Price and Performance


If you want to carry out any type of SMD reworking like repair work on mobile phones, laptops, and mother boards you need a very reliable hot air rework station. A rework station is an essential tool on a servicemen’s workbench. It is used by a service technician or an engineer to efficiently fix and/or remove SMD (Surface Mount Device) components from single-layered / multi-layered circuit boards. HAS6DW is very high quality rework station that saves your time and greatly reduces the risks of overheating and damaging sensitive components.

Quick HAS6DW Rework Station Review - Price and Performance

Quick HAS6DW Rework Station Review - Price and Performance

A low cost 1000 Watt High Power Hot Air Rework Station HAS6DW is one such tool available from INDE Enterprises in India. It is being sold like a hot cake in the service and manufacturing sector industry.

HAS6DW is known for its excellent value and has no trouble competing with higher-priced branded rework stations in India. If you are searching for a long-lasting, powerful rework station with low running cost then this (HAS6DW) is often one of the top choices in India.

Let me take a closer look for you to see what it is offering to the service technicians in India.


The HAS6DW comes loaded with all the features you would expect from a high quality rework station. Let me tell you the most glaring features of HAS6DW.


A good rework station comes with a digital temperature regulation feature. HAS6DW has a very wide temperature range from 100 to 500 degrees Celsius (212-932 °F).

HAS6DW heats up very fast and has a stable temperature with little overshoot or +/- 1%. A little bit of temperature overshoot is something that should have been avoided because it may lead to accidentally overheating the sensitive components like VVLSIs etc. However, with HAS6DW so little overshoots this is not something that you will have to worry about while reworking. You can concentrate on reworking without having to worry about damaging SMD components accidentally.

HAS6DW Temperature Controller

HAS6DW Temperature Controller


The rework station HAS6DW also offers a very wide range of airflow for all type of repair works. The airflow is adjustable from 1 to 120 Liters/min. This controlled airflow range allows you to quickly and safely heat up the SMD components but also gives you the option to reduce airflow when required. For example, if you want to work on the smallest SMD components, high airflow should be something to avoid.

By reducing the airflow you can protect the unwanted heat from reaching the surrounding SMD components on single layered or multiple layered PCBs.
As electronics is getting more and more complex / miniature with each passing day the circuit boards are becoming more and more congested. With lots of other SMD components nearby limiting the airflow you need, you need such a rework station that allows you to focus your reworking heat only on the component(s) that you want to desolder. HAS6DW is one of the best options to do just that.

HAS6DW Airflow Controller

HAS6DW Airflow Controller


HAS6DW offers an ample power of 1000Watt that is more than sufficient to rapidly heat large ground pads and components with a large thermal mass. Since it heats up rapidly that saves quite some time when working on many reworking projects simultaneously. The power of 1000Watt rework station is calibrated on optimum for any type of reworking needs.

Power Cord and Grounding Cable for ESD for HAS6DW Rework Station

Power Cord and Grounding Cable for ESD for HAS6DW Rework Station


HAS6DW comes with various nozzles of different sizes. This is a benefit over other hot air stations that require you to buy extra nozzles separately. Variety of hot air nozzles are ideal for different sizes of SMD ICs like QFPs, PLCCs, SOPs.

INDE Enterprises have various additional angled nozzles available for sale at best price in India. These are useful when you are working with restricted access under a microscope. The three included nozzles in package are enough for the vast majority of users.

Different Type of Nozzles for HAS6DW

Different Type of Nozzles for HAS6DW

HAS6DW Nozzles

HAS6DW Nozzles

Changing Nozzles for HAS6DW

Changing Nozzles for HAS6DW


The Holder Stand for the Pencil is robust and is very heavy. It weighs approximately 1kg. You just cannot accidently knock it over. It comes fitted with rubber feet underneath. It won’t slide or go anywhere unless you want it to.

HAS6DW handle has a sensor fixed to it so that it automatically switches the hot air output on and off. Just place the pencil handle in the holder and the hot air output shuts itself off. Pick the pencil handle up from the holder and the hot air begins to flow.

The handle does not need to be in a certain orientation or angle like with other rework stations like Hakko or Weller. Just placing the pencil on the holder stand in any orientation is good enough to start the cooldown sequence every time when you are reworking on circuits.

The stand for the pencil of the rework station HAS6DW is a vertical type and is good for storing when not in use.

The unit is ESD safe, at the back of the main unit it has a grounding point for grounding cord. You can attach this to the sensitive printed circuit board that you are working on. This will help prevent any accidental damage to the sensitive SMD components from sudden electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Best Quality HAS6DW Holding Stand

Best Quality HAS6DW Holding Stand


The user interface of HAS6DW is very simple, intuitive and is designed for any level of service technicians. There is one pair of buttons on the left side of the front panel is for increasing and decreasing the temperature on the left of the unit. Another pair of buttons on the right side of the front panel for increasing and decreasing the airflow from the rework station.

It is very easy to operate, to increase or decrease the temperature or the airflow setting all you have to do is to press these buttons. Some of the rework stations from HAKKO has old fashioned style interface that requires pushing multiple buttons simultaneously to change the settings.

The temperature is adjusted in steps of 1 degree, whereas airflow is adjusted in steps of 1 L/min, from 1 to 120 L/min. This is more resolution than one would ever need, but it is better to have this level of control than to not have it.

On the front panel you see three buttons just below the LED display for storing three preset values for temperature and airflow. This is particularly useful if you are regularly working with the same temperatures and same airflows and want to quickly switch between them with just a press of a button.
One of the most useful way in which you can use this feature is to store a preset for shrinking heat shrink tubing. Then simply press the preset button on the front panel, point the nozzle and you are ready to go again.

INDE Enterprises ensures that you understand the working of HAS6DW when you purchase it from them. If you wish to store the current settings in any of the three presets, press and hold one of the three preset buttons. To recall a preset, press and immediately release the desired preset button. It’s simple and easy to master.

Interface of HAS6DW

Interface of HAS6DW


The build quality of HAS6DW designed to last for many years without any issue. The base of the main unit is very heavy and is constructed of heavy metal. It ensures that the main unit when on workbench do not move here and there when performing repair works.

The hose pipe for the air is fixed to the main unit front panel. It is made of very flexible and long lasting rubber with strain relief springs at both ends. These strain relief springs ensure that the hose pipes do not get damaged prematurely.

There is no noise or vibration when using HAS6DW, as the blower inside is mounted on a rubber anti-vibration mount. A quiet rework station is very important to maintain silence in the reworking room – so that it do not disturb others in the same room.

One thing is for sure, it can withstand many hours of continuous operations with ease.

Build Quality of HAS6DW Rework Station

Build Quality of HAS6DW Rework Station


HAS6DW is one of the most straightforward types of rework station that is made to perform at a very reasonable price. It nearly does all the chores required from it without any flaw. But, no product is perfect… or should I say we need more from everything.

One thing that I think can be improved is the length of the power cord for HAS6DW. The power cord is fixed to the main unit and has a length of one meter odd. Professionals might find it rather short, particularly if the workbench is large. You might find it restricted if you want to use it further away from a power outlet, you will need to use an extension cord (similar to the one that I created as a project last year). A removable cable similar to the one that you see on the computer desktops would have been a good option.



  • Easy to control temperature buttons
  • Ample power for all type of large desoldering jobs
  • Very easy to use interface
  • Very Silent



  • Small Length of Power Cord
  • The user manual should be more clear and detailed



HAS6DW is an excellent rework station that helps you reliably (de)solder any type of SMD components on a single and multiple type printed circuit boards. It achieves the preset temperatures very quickly and tends to remain consistent every time it is being switched on. I found that it quickly heats up to a desired temperature without you having to wait for too long. Also, you do not have to worry about any damage to sensitive SMD components due to temperature overshoot.

As far as I can see there are very minor downsides of this HAS6DW rework station. But, at this price range you just cannot see any other rework station coming anywhere near to its working. If you are seriously looking for a hot air rework station then without any doubt it the best option available in India.


You can buy Quick HAS6DW rework station from INDE Enterprises. For your immediate reference, I am listing the contact address:

Contact: Paras & Romesh
Mobile: 9316134502
Email: info@indeonline.in

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