Complete Guide to Electric Screwdrivers

Electric screwdrivers are integral tools of service and production industry for some time now. Various brands of electric screwdrivers are readily available in India – from imported to ‘Make-in-India’ type. Some of the most prominent electric and pneumatic screwdriver brands available in India are DeWalt, Metabo HPT, Bosch, Skil, Black+Decker, Kilews, Conos, Kolver, Sehan, Sumake, Inde and more.


There are three types of screwdrivers – manual screwdriver, electric screwdriver and pneumatic screwdriver. The first two names are self explanatory but a pneumatic screwdriver is a clutch type tool that slips at a preset torque. This helps the user tighten screws to a specified torque without any damage or over-tightening. These types of pneumatic screwdrivers allow you to work on many screws without causing any fatigue to the forearm or hands.


As the name suggests an electric screwdriver is a portable electric tool that is used to screw and unscrew effortlessly. The frontal head of an electric screwdriver holds the screwing bit in a bit holder which has a magnet assisted quick release system. The bit holder on the front of an electric screwdriver helps you to rapidly insert and change a desired bit according to the screw head.


Selecting a right electric screwdriver depends on your specific requirement. You must take time to analyze your requirements carefully before buying one for yourself – a wrong electric screwdriver may be overkill or under-kill for your requirements.

Define Your Requirement: Define whether you will be using an electric screwdriver for the heavy duty construction works (buildings / real estate etc), mechanical workshops (car repair etc) or production assembly line (electronics manufacturing).

Frequency of Use: Define if you are planning to use an electric screwdriver for a couple of hours (like 2-3 hours) daily, then a cordless type would be a good choice. However, if you plan to use it continuously for many hours then a wired electric screwdriver would be a sensible choice.

Efficiency: Look out for the efficiency of an electric screwdriver particularly if you have to use it continuously and intensively for many hours on a daily basis.

Ergonomics: Look out for an ergonomically designed screwdriver particularly if you plan to use it for longer durations as it will avoid any hand or forearm fatigues. Ergonomically designed electric screwdrivers are easy to hold and are friendly to hands.

Design: Look out for the design that best suits your requirement. Like if you want a straight type holding screwdriver, right angle electric screwdriver (nearly similar to straight one) or a gun type (pistol type) holding electric screwdriver. This actually depends of the working area that you have while working.

Torque: Look out for the tightening torque of an electric screwdriver as it is another major point to consider. The higher the tightening torque the stronger the screwing force. Overlooking this aspect may just overkill or underkill your purchase. If your budget permits, you may go in for torque controlled electric screwdrivers – in which you can manually or programmably set the torque of a screwdriver to exactly match the requirement. These types of screwdrivers are particularly useful when you are working on a production line where all the screws of all the products manufactured are to be screwed on a specific torque. You cannot afford to have screws loose or over tightened – they need to be screwed in uniformity.



I have briefly mentioned about the Pneumatic Screwdriver in the ‘Type of Screwdriver’ section of this article. There is a difference between an electric screwdriver and a pneumatic screwdriver. Pneumatic screwdrivers use compressed air and are suitable for low-torque applications such as woodworking, electronic repair work or sheet metal repair. Whereas electric screwdrivers use AC or regulated DC power supply and are designed for applications that require high levels of torque. In simple words, depending on your torque requirement you select between pneumatic and electric screwdrivers. Pneumatic Screwdrivers are often more expensive than electric screwdrivers.


The power of an electric screwdriver comes from the dedicated motor inside it and the motor rating defines the torque it can produce. Some electric screwdrivers (the most powerful ones) are directly powered by 220V AC. Such screwdrivers are ideally suitable for construction works.

However other electric screwdrivers are powered using external transformers. A rule of thumb here says, the higher the voltage from a transformer the more powerful an electric screwdriver. Same goes with cordless type (battery operated) electric screwdrivers. For example, a 3.6 Volt battery based electric screwdriver is less powerful than an 18 Volt battery operated electric screwdriver. Another fact, an 18 Volt battery lasts longer than a 3.6 Volt battery and do not require frequent battery charging. Generally all cordless type electric screwdrivers come with lithium-ion batteries as they can hold the charge for longer durations and are far lighter than other batteries. Electric screwdrivers used for intensive screwing and unscrewing use are often known as impact electric screwdrivers.

Rotation Speed: Another aspect to consider when purchasing an electric screwdriver is the rotation speed of the motor inside. A corded electric screwdriver has a greater rotation speed than a cordless one. In this article I will share some of the rotation speeds and other vital information of some of the most widely used electric screwdrivers in India so that you can compare and decide as which one to purchase for your specific needs.

Weight: The weight of an electric screwdriver also plays an integral part when selecting one for yourself. Generally corded electric screwdrivers are far lighter than cordless electric screwdrivers for the same power. Batteries inside the cordless electric screwdrivers make them heavier than the corded ones.

Power Accessibility: If you have the power source (outlet) very nearby (like in workshops or assembly line) every time you use your electric screwdriver, then you can go in for a corded one. However, if you plan to operate it in remote areas (or outdoors) where there are no power outlets, then you can consider cordless electric screwdrivers.

Noise: If you plan to use an electric screwdriver in a closed environment or in a lab, then you should consider electric screwdrivers with brushless motors that has a noise level of well below 55dB(A).

Price: Another driving force that you have to look for when purchasing an electric screwdriver is the price. Most often than not, cordless electric screwdrivers are more costly than the corded ones.

Brand: The brand of an electric screwdriver also plays an integral role when deciding for a purchase. Unbranded electric screwdrivers are cheap and may claim eye catching specifications – however, they fail to perform when used for prolonged durations and may smell burning of coils when there is any voltage fluctuation or excess load. Brands like Bosch, Kolver, Conos, Kliews and make in India INDE are some of the foremost brands that you can easily rely on as they inherently come with OEM warranty.

Spares and Accessories: Even with a branded electric screwdriver, there is a little wear and tear from time to time due to moving parts inside. Electric screwdrivers may require spares and/or accessories readily available at arm’s length. So you need to look at if the company is willing to provide the accessories and spares in your city.



  • * Know your requirement
  • * Frequency of use
  • * Tightening Torque
  • * The Power Supply
  • * Rotation Speed
  • * Weight



Now let me compare the specifications of the most sold electric screwdrivers in India from various brands. This might help you understand more and decide the best option for you. I am not comparing any category. It’s a general know-how on the 10 of the most popular brands and their prices with no particular order or category. These electric screwdrivers are selected from a search at Google.

CONOS High Reliability Electric Screwdriver Model RE-4800P

Motor Rotation Speed: 660 RPM

Output Torque

  • m : 0.08 ~ 1.6
  • in : 0.7 ~ 13.9
  • cm : 0.8 ~ 16.0

PRICE: Rs.11,000/-


KILEWS Brushless Torque Controlled Electric Screwdriver Model BSD-3000

Motor Rotational Speed: 700 ~ 1100 rpm

Output Torque

  • N.m : 0.5 ~ 3.5
  • : 4.4 ~ 30.9
  • : 5.0 ~ 35.0

PRICE: Rs.12,800/-


TGK PC525 Electric Screwdriver

Motor Rotational Speed: 900 ~ 1350 rpm

Output Torque

  • cm : 3.0 ~ 25.0

PRICE: Rs.4,950/-

TGK PC525 Electric Screwdriver

Sehan Korea Torque Controlled Electric Screwdriver Model M300

Motor Rotational Speed: 650 ~ 1000 rpm

Output Torque

  • 4.0 ~ 18.0

PRICE: Rs.11,950/-


Inde ESD Safe Torque Controlled Electric Screwdriver Model IS-6000MS

Motor Rotational Speed: 1200 rpm

Output Torque

  • N.m : 0.19 ~ 1.17
  • : 1.73 ~
  • 2.0 ~ 12

PRICE: Rs.8,950/-


Sumake EAC-S415LD Electric Screwdriver

Motor Rotational Speed: 1100 rpm

Output Torque

  • m : 0.05 ~ 1.15

PRICE: Rs.5,600/-


Bosch GO 2 SOLO Smart Screwdriver

Motor Rotational Speed: 360 rpm

Output Torque

  • N.m : 0.2 ~ 5.0

PRICE: Rs.2,695/-


Dewalt DCF680G2-GB 7.2V 6.35 mm Motion Activated Cordless Screwdriver with Battery

Motor Rotational Speed: 0 - 430 rpm

Output Torque

  • N.m : 0.2 ~ 4.0

PRICE: Rs.10,357/-

Dewalt DCF680G2-GB 7.2

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